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Art Directors: Yunxuan Wu & Alen Jacob l Copywriter: Schuyler Kruizenga

Art Director: Alen Jacob l Copywriter : Fredrick Lee

The anti-vax community is skeptical of the need for vaccinations. The high amount of those who are vaccinated has left the unvaccinated safe from historically deadly diseases like measles and smallpox. However, the growth in the anti-vax community has created a resurgence of these long-gone diseases and is causing debate around the decision to vaccinate children.

We will create the #Tag!You’reSick experiment by partnering with Link NYC, Google Maps and Uber to show fast and uncontrollably a disease can spread without anyone’s knowledge or control.


And 1 is a basketball clothing and shoe company. The company is very street in nature and used to even sponsor a lot of the street ball tournaments and players. However, as that era died off in the late 2000s, so did the company's main platform.

Athletes today do not believe And1 represents their work ethic.


Everyone who plays in the NBA have played street ball at one point in their life, and it is the foundation in which they have achieved all their skills and accomplishments. AND 1 wants to tie its brand to each player's foundation, their origin story.


AND1 will tie itself to the origin stories of the new generation of basketball players.

hand ink

Invisible Ink:
Everyday objects throughout a specific neighboorhood will be “tagged” with invisible ink. These objects such as cab doors and subway grips are touched by thousands of commuters a day. As people go through their daily routine and get tagged by this ink, they will then become unknowing participants of the “disease” spread.

Reworked Kiosk copy

Link NYC:
The kiosk will display a message mentioning the experiment and to stroke the curiosity of New Yorkers passing by.

As people approach the kiosk they will have the ability to put their hand into the adjusted display to check their hand under a UV light to see if they've been tagged.


If they have been tagged, they will have the option to receive a photo of their hand under the black light and post it onto Instagram with their location under the tag: #Tag!You’reSick. Through this social and physical aspect of the campaign, we will be able to track how far the disease has spread through Instagram’s GPS feature and the location of each kiosk.

Google Maps
With Google Maps we will show disease icons of where we used invisible ink to mark potentially infected areas. As people go through their day, the areas will continue to grow by tracking the kiosks and social.

weeLEGO Plaque
We will have OOH / Print ads around the city introducing PlayBx and WeeLego. This will raise interest and begin the journey to the store.

Phone 3
Mock Up 2

We will show disease icons to mark the infected areas. To show the inconvenience of not being immune to these diseases, we will ofter the Safe Route. However, this route is time-consuming, pricier, and less convenient, capturing the essence of not being vaccinated. 

Yunxuan Wu:
Schuyler Kruizenga:

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